Applying the Momentum Trading Strategy to Liquidity Pool DeFi Investing

Liquidity Pools - Momentum Trading Strategies for DeFi

Liquidity pool momentum trading: Benefit from bull markets while preserving capital during large drawdowns. Identifying momentum and effectively trading it is a crucial element of a profitable trading strategy. Momentum trading has existed for years and will continue to do so due to our natural biases. In liquidity pools it is used by investing in […]

Breaking Down the Returns of a Liquidity Pool Using the FLUIDEFI Platform

Assessing investment opportunities in liquidity pools in DEFI

Breaking down the returns of a liquidity pool in the FLUIDEFI platform enables investors to better understand the risks and helps them know where they are getting returns. In this video Financial Engineer Abdennour Aissaoui uses the analytics page of the FLUIDEFI platform that summarizes the performance of liquidity pools from different decentralized exchanges, including […]

Liquidity Pools

The liquidity pool is made up of equivalent amounts of two or more different trading assets. In this way it’s like an order book – there are only two or more types of assets available, and anyone can swap one of them for the other. There are two main categories of people who interact with […]

Liquidity Pool Farming

Farming When people talk about getting involved in defi, they’re often talking about farming in a liquidity pool. Farming is what motivates the investors to contribute to the pool. When an investor adds to a liquidity pool (see above), they are given a Liquidity Provider token (LP token) that represents a share of the pool. […]