About Us


DEFI data for institutions.

FLUIDEFI is a AI-based data provider for DeFi digital assets with verifiable and actionable metrics suitable for financial analysis, AI/ML modeling, algorithmic trading, forensic accounting, insurance risk, & fraud detection.

Maximize Returns

FLUIDEFI finds the top performing DeFi assets & presents them in one dashboard.

Data Aggregation and Analytics​

DeFi assets matching your criteria are identified, analyzed, and validated continuously.

Portfolio Manager

Create portfolios of DeFi assets, model historical returns by customized time period; see allocations and performance at a glance.

Simplified Staking

Start with ETH and add liquidity to any pool without the need to acquire tokens externally. Remove liquidity with a single click.

Our Solution

Liquidity Pool Tracker

Filter pools based on your criteria and risk tolerance

See which pools are out-performing HODLing

Sort by highest returns

177+ metrics for every liquidity pool

Compare performance of pools with the same assets across platforms & blockchains

Change data interval based on rebalancing frequency and trading goals

Graphs & visualizes pool metrics from creation

Summary data by the hour with transaction level auditing

Refresh data as often as needed

Pools are continuously monitored and tested

See changes in news sentiment every hour

Our Solution

Portfolio Management for Clients

Using FLUIDEFI’s white-label solution, create and manage digital asset portfolios to track all your institutional DeFi investments for your clients.

Investors can choose risk/reward levels:

Pick and choose assets for each portfolio based on your risk profiles.

Allocate across different pools and underlying asset classes.

Allows single or multi-signature for transactions.

More suitable for institutional investors.