FLUIDEFI and PARSIQ Partner to Provide Actionable Trading Signals Computed Directly From Web3 Data to DeFi Traders


DeFi markets are complex, risky, and unpredictable, lacking purpose-built tools and accurate data to help manage portfolio risk and maximize returns. Sophisticated traders depend on accurate actionable trading signals computed directly from blockchain data. Integrating with PARSIQ’s new flagship Tsunami API marks the first step into setting a new standard for Web3 backend data and increasing institutional trust in the ‘wild west’ DeFi space.

FLUIDEFI’S efficient DeFi investing tools and effective capital management save users valuable time that would otherwise be spent on research and market analysis. By partnering with PARSIQ, FLUIDEFI, with over $150M in customer assets currently managed on the platform, will be able to provide DeFi investors with even more robust, accurate data on the thousands of digital assets on the market in the DeFi space.

PARSIQ’S Tsunami API provides Web3 dApps and protocols access to the full spectrum of both real-time and historical data on a given blockchain.

“We’re at the very beginning in DeFi — the best possible next move is for the top technology companies to work together and build robust infrastructure to take DeFi to the next level,” says Lisa Loud, CEO of FLUIDEFI. “Our partnership with PARSIQ demonstrates strong commitment from both companies to upgrading DeFi technology.”


PARSIQ is a full-suite data network for building the backend of all Web3 dApps & protocols.Capable of serving data for 6 288 000 000+ transactions in less than a second, PARSIQ is redefining what it means to quickly & easily access Web3 data. The Tsunami API, which will ship in July 2022, will provide blockchain protocols and their clients (e.g. protocol-oriented dApps) with real-time data and historical data querying abilities. To learn more about PARSIQ check out the details of upcoming products, providing a full-suite solution for Web3 data needs.


FLUIDEFI® is an award-winning SAAS platform that provides near real-time data aggregation & analytics, portfolio modeling, management, and trading signals for hundreds of thousands of decentralized financial (DeFi) digital assets. The advanced capabilities of the FLUIDEFI platform have been shown to reduce portfolio management time for DeFi traders by 75%. FLUIDEFI provides many layers of redundancy to achieve 100% accuracy on the most extensive set of DeFi analytics available in the market today.

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Original announcement posted on Medium: FLUIDEFI and PARSIQ Partner to Provide Actionable Trading Signals Computed Directly From Web3 Data to DeFi Traders | by FLUIDEFI | Jun, 2022 | Medium