FLUIDEFI® Is Proud to Announce DeFi Building Partnership with Bridge Network

FLUIDEFI® will work with the Bridge Network to bring secure & robust cross-chain yield strategies to users of Bridge Network.

FLUIDEFI® will work with the Bridge Network to bring secure & robust cross-chain yield strategies to users of Bridge Network.

Award-winning SAAS platform, FLUIDEFI, will provide the tools to generate yields in DeFi, using its accurate, auditable, and resilient API infrastructure to support automatic market maker (AMM) contracts across chains. The simplified yield dashboard created by Bridge Network will provide opportunities for a larger audience to access and learn DeFi strategies. Combined with FLUIDEFI’s training programs, users will be able to benefit from the highest performing asset class of the past two years. Bridge will be collaborating with FLUIDEFI to migrate institutional customers up to a fully developed trading strategy on FLUIDEFI, while offering low risk & vetted strategies to retail users everywhere.

“The market has a desperate need for good systems that make DeFi doable,” says Kimberly Adams, Co-Founder of Bridge Networks. “By partnering two strong technical projects, we are building a bridge to a future where everyone uses decentralized finance as part of their daily lives .”

“We believe that the future of DeFi will rely on the kind of cross-bridging technology that the Bridge Network is building,” says Lisa Loud, CEO of FLUIDEFI. “FLUIDEFI is proud to power this transformation with its robust analytics and deep insights.”

About Bridge Network

Bridge Network is building a cross-chain super dApp to enable seamless transactions between blockchain ecosystems. The cross-chain protocol (CCP) aims to be a one-stop-shop for all major cross-chain activities by providing the tools a user might need to transact in the multichain world. The bridge tool kit is made up of 6 main tools; a NFT bridge, a token bridge, a cross-chain trading platform, cross-chain farming platform, a multi-chain explorer and a token wrapper for any existing token to go cross-chain.


FLUIDEFI® is an award-winning SAAS platform that provides near real-time data aggregation & analytics, portfolio modelling, management, and trading signals for hundreds of thousands of decentralized financial (DeFi) digital assets. The advanced capabilities of the FLUIDEFI platform have been shown to reduce portfolio management time for DeFi traders by 75%. FLUIDEFI provides many layers of redundancy to achieve 100% accuracy on the most extensive set of DeFi analytics available in the market today.

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