Yield Aggregation

It is costly to move ERC20 tokens around, because each transaction has a fee that is not proportional to the amount of the transaction, called gas. So you could move $10 worth of ETH for the same cost as moving $1M worth of ETH. Because of this, the idea of collecting a large group of […]

Liquidity Pool Farming

Farming When people talk about getting involved in defi, they’re often talking about farming in a liquidity pool. Farming is what motivates the investors to contribute to the pool. When an investor adds to a liquidity pool (see above), they are given a Liquidity Provider token (LP token) that represents a share of the pool. […]

Liquidity Pools

The liquidity pool is made up of equivalent amounts of two or more different trading assets. In this way it’s like an order book – there are only two or more types of assets available, and anyone can swap one of them for the other. There are two main categories of people who interact with […]

What is DeFi?

DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance and is the ideal of financial services operating autonomously with no concentration of power in any one commercial or political entity. All of the financial services that we expect from banks, governments, and corporations have an alter ego in the world of DeFi. For example: Liquidity pools are the alter […]