Helping you manage your DeFi investments

FLUIDEFI® is the simplest way to analyze and manage digital asset portfolios from one dashboard.

Finalist, CryptoAM 2021 Deployment in Fintech Award

WINNER TDeFI Bizthon Award

Twice Nominated, Women in Technology Excellence Awards

FLUIDEFI provides a holistic, end-to-end institutional trading solution, with unified analytics across many pools on many platforms and powerful DeFi portfolio management tools.

DeFi is at the beginning of its growth curve

Asset classGlobal AUMReturns Jan 2021Returns 2020
Hedge funds$3.6 Trillion1+1%5+12.44%5
Global Equity$100+ Trillion2-0.45%6+16.25%6
Global Bonds$275+ Trillion3-0.91%7+9.02%7
DeFi (DPI Index)$50 Billion4+165%8+6.42% (q4 only)8


DEFI for institutional investors

Data Aggregation and Analytics

New DeFi investments are identified, analyzed, and validated continuously. FLUIDEFI currently processes an average of 9.5 million transactions per day in more than 3400 actively traded liquidity pools tracked across multiple platforms. 

Portfolio Manager

Create your own institutional portfolios and track performance by customized time period; see allocations at a glance. 

Simplified Staking

Start with ETH and add liquidity to any pool
without the need to acquire tokens externally.
Remove liquidity with a single click.

Earn High Yields

DeFi yields can range from negative to 1000%
depending on the underlying assets and incentives. 
See the top performers in one dashboard.

Liquidity Pool Tracker

● Filter pools based on your criteria
● Measure changes in sentiment rapidly
● Refresh data as often as needed
● Sort by highest returns
● Change interval based on trading style
● AI powered 24-hour futures predictions
● Pools are tested and continuously monitored
● Track transaction volume
● Set pool size parameters
● Define your own risk rating (under development)
● Select which pools to graph

Portfolio Management for Clients

Using FLUIDEFI’s white-label solution,
create and manage digital asset portfolios
to track all your institutional DeFi investments
for your clients.

 Investors can choose risk/reward levels:
• Pick and choose assets for each portfolio based on your risk profiles.
• Allocate across different pools and underlying asset classes.
• Allows single or multi-signature for transactions.
• More suitable for institutional investors.

Why DeFi?

The $48B* in value locked in DeFi investments is mostly made up of retail (individual) investment. There are still trillions of assets under management by institutional firms that are eyeing DeFi as a means to achieve higher returns.


DeFi Investment Technology

FLUIDEFI technology simplifies the complicated
digital asset management landscape that exists today and sets a new norm for integration and usability.


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